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Jog Falls Over flowing after 12 yrs.........

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On the way to Jog

 The beautiful Sharavati Valley

  The beauty around Shravati river

  Overflowing.. Next 3 pics are of last week's , 29 th July, 2007.

 More than Raja-Roarer-Rani-Rocket...Much Clearer View

 Glorious Jog Falls - Best of the best

 More than Raja-Roarer-Rani-Rocket...almost like Raja_Rani with their new found Children and Grand Ch

 Hiding under mist and fog !!!

 Covered still under mist and fog

 During summer… Jog,,,,,,,

Jog Falls from above at low flow

Jog Falls from below at low flow

Jog Falls at high flow during summer..

The Majestic Jog Falls- Year 1948


Total Height: 829 feet
 Tallest Single Drop: 829 feet
Average Width: 1,550 feet
Average Volume: 5,387 cubic feet / sec.
Maximum Recorded Volume: 120,000 cubic feet / sec.
Watercourse: Sharavati River
Seasons of Best Flow: Oct-Dec
Location, Directions & Maps:

Continent: Asia
Country: India
State / Province: Karnataka

Shimoga District
Specific Location: 18 miles east of Gersoppa
Latitude / Longitude:

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