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Health Benefit Of Green Tea

11 reasons why you should drink more green tea:

  • It is an excellent source of antioxidants
  • It burns fat and enables you to exercise longer
  • It prolongs your life
  • It lowers stress bit boosts brain power
  • It reduces high blood pressure
  • It helps to protect your lungs from smoking
  • It helps to protect your liver from alcohol
  • It prevents tooth decay and cures bad breath
  • It helps preserve and build bone
  • It boosts your immunity against illnesses
  • It rehydrates you better than water


christyjames said...

Yes, I agree with your point that the green tea is the best and healthier drink for all people. I do not seem to do well by drinking normal tea’s as they give me lot of headaches. Now, I do well with Green tea. Buy green tea in India and avail the benefits for healthy life.

Joseph said...

Green tea is very beneficial. I'm trying from last 2 months and I found that my hairfall problem is no more. Now the hair quality has also become good! Benefits of green tea

Unknown said...

I started drinking and finding out more about tea about 3 months ago I but quality Chinese green tea and just love it