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How to install Paid Apps for free in Android ?

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1. Go to from your android smartphone.

2. In the search bar type in the name of the app you want followed by ".apk" (example: gamboid.apk)

3. After you click the search button you'll see a list of many versions of the app you want. I'd suggest you pick out the latest version you see.

4. After you download the app, click on it from the download list on your browser. A list will pop up saying "Complete Action with:". Click "Package Installer".

5. Your app will then be installed on your phone! Simple! Now you can save lots of money by downloading paid apps for free! Tell your friends about it :)

Ps: you can also try other sharing websites to download paid-Android apps. Some of the best sites are "Mega Upload", "Hot File", and "Rapid Share". You can't search directly from these sites, so I suggest to use to search for apps from many sharing sites. 4shared is the most easy since you can search directly from that site. Enjoy!

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