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Magic Jack Plus – A magical device for making free phone calls

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Target audience: For People in US, Canada and for all around the world who wants to make free calls to US, Canada.

Most of us spend lavishly for entertainment, games, restaurants, toys, etc… But, when it comes to phone call plans, everyone of us always become stringent, tend to do more research, compare and pick the best cost saving plan. If you are one among this crowd, this magical device is your solution.
This tiny device can be used with a computer or without it. This device basically needs only 2 things – One being power and the other being internet.
Magic Jack: The first version of this device is simply called the magic jack. This can be plugged to a computer through a USB. By doing this, the device gets power and internet from the computer. Other side of the magic jack shall be connected to a phone line.
Magic jack with computer
Magic Jack Plus: Later version was much more improved by design and called the magic jack plus. This shall be directly inserted into a power plug and on the other side, it will be connected to direct broadband line for internet and also to a phone/chord less. By this way, it eliminates the necessity of a computer for driving power and internet.

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