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Hans Klok - World record - 15 grandes illusions en 5 minutes


Hans Klok - World record - 15 grandes illusions en 5 minutes


Many Powerful people don't want peace

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Many powerful people don't want peace because they live off war".
"Some powerful people make their living with the production of arms.

"It's the industry of death".

Pope Francis

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How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months

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6 months and $1500 to completely make a sandwich from scratch. Including growing my own vegetables, making my own salt from ocean water, milking a cow to make cheese, grinding my own flour from wheat, collecting my own honey, and killing a chicken myself.

My quest does not just cover food. In my new video series, I set out to challenge myself to make many every day items we take for granted from scratch. Subscribe to my channel and watch the full episode...and catch my next episode, where I make a suit from scratch, which after factoring in production costs and labor totals to around $4,000!

LG’s New Rolly Wireless Keyboard Turns Into A Pocket Stick

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"Unroll the Comfort of Full-Size Typing"

Introducing Apple Pencil

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Introducing Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is designed to look and feel like a familiar tool. Yet with its meticulously engineered technology, working with our most advanced Multi-Touch display, it delivers an extraordinary new level of precision.

TD Bank Turns ATMs Into Automated Thanking Machines

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Sometimes you just want to say thank you #TDThanksYou